How do GASrebates work?

ALL PAIRS (on FEGex; excludes SmartDeFi & FEG Token) will use the GASrebate sell transaction fee of 0.15% to fund the rebate pool for reward distribution for buyers and sellers of each respective token pair.

  • FEG Token has a 0.25% GASrebate sell transaction fee and a 0.1% GASrebate buy transaction fee.

The buyer or seller will receive 1/8 of the total BNBback or ETHback pool at the time of their purchase.

  • The return will come in the form of BNB or ETH,depending on the respective chain being traded on.

Rewards on Buying:

BSC: If you buy with over 0.2 BNB and hold 20b FEG.

ETH: If you buy with over 0.05 ETH and hold 20b FEG.

Rewards on Selling:

BSC: If you sell with under 2 BNB and hold 20b FEG.

ETH: If you sell with under 1 ETH and hold 20b FEG.

GASrebate User Interface (UI) Update: When you enter your trade information, if qualified based on the amounts, the system will recognize your trade, you will still pay the gas fees and your GASrebate will come instantly back to your wallet during the trade.

See below for the first GASrebate transaction!

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