FEGmarketing Community Update 2/22/2022

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the community update provided by the FEGmarketing team.

Since the last update we’ve seen some major milestones land and they highlight that its a fantastic time to be part of such an inspiring and innovative project and community.

Some of the things we’ve reached/achieved in the preceding weeks are below:

  • 1 Million FEG holders across both chains (BSC & ETH)
  • FEG 1st Birthday
SmartDeFi.com – Live
SmartDeFi Deployer – Live
  • FEGex on CoinMarketCap – Live
  • Dubai Expo Diamond Booth – Booked

And so much more….

We reached our 1st Birthday while hitting 1 million holders not too shortly after it, a fantastic set of milestones to achieve on our FEG journey.

FEGex was listed on CoinMarketCap which opens the exchange to new projects, new investment and brings greater validation to the FEGex.com platform. A much needed step for the FEGecosystem.

And, importantly, we launched the SmartDeFi deployer, a vital step in the building out of the ecosystem and bringing greater security to the DeFi space. You can check out the worlds smartest token template on SmartDeFi.com.

Updates follow on the remaining pages.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

FrankieB & FEGmarketing

Articles & Press Releases

Over the last few weeks we have dropped numerous articles specifically on SmartDeFi and we continue to push these ensuring we have regular content from various angles – for the investor, for business & for projects/developers who are looking to create their own token.

This is an approach we will continue to utilise for a number of reasons, primarly:

1) Exposure

  • Our last article ‘SmartDeFiTM From FEG – DeFi 3.0’ has been read by over
    8000 readers and appeared on over 500 unique sites.

  • As of 19/02 from the article itself we had over 1700+ unqiue clicks through to the sites linked. SmartDeFi.com with a click through rate of 24.65%, FEGex.com was at 8.21% with FEGtoken following just slightly lower behind that.

2) Search Engine Optimisation (‘SEO’)

  • Every article we push that contains links, keywords and other elements works towards the search engine optimisation of the content/links we’re pushing. Meaning that the more content we push the higher up the search results our own websites appear. We have been vying for top spot and held it for a while with SmartDeFi.com, over the coming days we should move back to top spot.  

CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko
We’ve had some great success since the last update and have finally had FEGex added to CoinMarketCap:


Dialogue with CoinGecko continues and we are in touch every few days. The messaging is still the same with regards to wait times and volume that they are dealing with being high, however, in recent days they have opted to look at our BitQuery APIs – while this does not indicate or imply any timelines, I see it as progress.

FEGtoken & Ecosystem Pitch Deck
A pitch deck is being worked on which is a document that our team can utilise to help conversation around our products and services when talking to professionals from the Crypto industry and beyond.

The content and branding here still needs refinement, however, the absence of this does not mean dialogue stops. Ultimately it will be a good additional visual aid.

Referral Bot
The referral bot continues to push on and is a good driver when bringing new members to the community, some stats are below along with the current leader board. This is a powerful tool that we will continue to utilise.

Crypto Expo Dubai
Work and preperation for the Expo continues and we’re beyond excited to be representing FEG at this event.

Currently we have a team pulling together everything we need from flyers and some merch to full blown booth design and content for sharing.

22 days until the event and I’m aware there will be a number of FEG holders visting so make sure you stop by the booth and say hi! We will have numerous events on during the Expo for those that can’t attend, to participate in.

Ads continue across several platforms, primarily Quora, 4Chan & Stackoverflow. We have ceased ads on poocoin, initially enabled they proved troublesome and not effective.

We have re-engaged with Coinzilla (https://coinzilla.com/) which is an ad network and we’ll utilise them for additional ads pushing them out to hundreds of sites removing the reliance (on the main) on co-ordinating multiple additional resources. We used Coinzilla during the last FEG ATH.

DewBo has created some amazing additional ad content which will be shared seperately, adding screenshots to this document simply doesn’t do them justice. Please check the announcements channel for visuals shortly after publication.

Performance of ads on Quora is our strongest so far with a Click Through Rate of greater than 1%. Over the last 24 hours it resulted in more than 100 clicks through to SmartDeFi.com for more information.

Since the start of the SmartDeFi ad campaign we are now into the thousands of unique visits driven by ad placement on these specific sites – we’re excited to see how CoinZilla can compliment this.

New User Interface Launch & Preparation
We continue to work with the development team to ensure that we are prepared for the upcoming release of the next user interface.

If you have not noticed already, go over to FEGex.com and follow the countdown!

For this much anticipated drop we are already prepared with ads, articles, influencers and more all set to push the new sleek amalgamated look.

Market Makers
Conversations continue with market markers; earlier today we met with another to walk through the possibilities available to us.

As before, for a large number of CEX listings a market maker has to be enagaged as a 3rd party. While they don’t in anyway guarantee listings they are necessary to facilitate them.

Our current position is that conversations continue with these 3rd parties along with having open dialogues with some CEXs’; we endeavour to progress listings however unless a CEX themselves buys liquidity, it will take time to progress this.

As this moves we will continue to update the community.

SmartDeFi Trading Widget
Testing of the widget is underway, it will be a simple add-on that can be incorporated into any website. This will enable users to connect their wallet and trade the relevant projects SD token.

The widget will be adjustable in colour; dimension and will provide a link to charts.fegex.com

When available we will ensure this information is shared and the relevant guidance is in place.

Over the next few weeks we will see the return of a fabulous FEGwear shop providing you with your FEG essentials. Keep an eye out for this dropping!

Wrap Up
FEGmarketing continues to drive forward and find new ways of raising
awareness of FEG and it’s expansive and innovative ecosystem.

While we continue to focus on a large number of elements contained within this update, one primary focus is around adoption and awareness of SmartDeFi as the pinnacle of innovation in the Crypto space. It’s key that we educate and promote the technology we have created along the benefits it brings to individual investors, projects, developers, businesses and other key professionals in the industry.

This update isn’t exhaustive. If you have any questions or specific topics that you would like an update on, please reach out to a member of the team directly or using the details below.



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