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The following article was created by Dominique, a FEGcentral author and Telegram community member. Finder her on Telegram @DOM_Feg

Like many people, I’m relatively new to crypto and identify as a mainstream retail adopter who has ventured down the DeFi rabbit hole with nothing more than a virtual blindfold and the hope of catching a wave that might one day lead to financial freedom. 

My story is no doubt similar to many others. It begins with mistakes, misjudgment and money lost. In spite of this from the moment I entered the space I’ve felt different, a connection to something unique, an undeniable force drawing me in. 

Everyone who invests in crypto wants to make money. That is the destination we are all hopefully heading for. But what you don’t realise when you start investing is how important the journey is and how much you gain from it that has no monetary value. 

There is an energy in the space that is palpable. It’s addictive, emotional and compulsive. It draws you in with the promise of riches and retirement but keeps you with the overwhelming feeling of connection and a shared goal. 

We live in a time like never before where you can contribute to a project equally from every corner of the world. Without CEOs or centralised banks, it’s never been easier to make money without the limitations imposed by the financial standards set by modern society.

I found FEG at a time when Altcoins were in ascendance.

I found FEG at a time when Altcoins were in ascendance. The sentiment was greed and the bulls were holding court. I’d already invested in probably a dozen projects based on an anonymous tip on Twitter or the hype generated from a well funded marketing campaign. 

FEG felt different. Despite having the same financial end goals as other projects something drew me in and keeps drawing me in to this day. This could certainly be credited to the groundbreaking tech innovation like SmartDefi or the 10-year vision for the project held by lead developer Fegrox. However for me, the greatest asset the project possesses is its community. 

I’m constantly in awe of the generosity and dedication gifted by the hundreds of volunteers who work tirelessly to steer the project to the destination we all know it is headed. Never before have I experienced being part of a community that reaches every corner of the world while still making you feel like you’re part of close-knit family. 

Through the development of technology and messaging services such as Telegram, FEG’s unique 24-hour voice chat service, recently rebranded FegRadio Live makes it possible to connect with FEG experts and fellow investors anytime, any place. 

Cherished and revered moderator Paul Mc always attracts a crowd during his regular morning slot. Answering FEG comments, questions and concerns in his irrefutable familiar charm while still managing to quip with co host Deployer Destroyer Alex keeping the entertainment level as high as the valuable content. 

Tune in other times and you might catch characters such as Kakrotosh, Linton and Feg Charlie discussing anything from NFTs, the meaning of life or the dream of creating FEG Island, a paradise destination where we can all go to party when we’re living off the passive income generated through FEG staking. 

As well as the chance to learn something new about FEG every day, the voice chat and other FEG social platforms have been a comfort to many during the last two years when lockdowns and travel restrictions have made it difficult to connect with new people. Thanks to FEG I have made more connections and friendships in the last year than I can ever remember and personally cannot wait for the day we can all get together. 

Whether there are 500 people tuned in or only 5, the lights are always on in the voice chat, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whether there are 500 people tuned in or only 5, the lights are always on in the voice chat, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is the beating heart of a living, growing, constantly evolving ecosystem that is nourished by passion, innovation, connection and the hope of creating something new, something better, something that will change lives far beyond the rewards of financial freedom. 


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