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The seed for the idea behind a dedicated FEGradio program was planted several months ago after spending countless hours listening to the Feed Every Gorilla (FEG) Token voice chat. What we jokingly called FEGradio at the time was a Telegram-hosted, 24-hour voice and text chat channel that was staffed by volunteers. The main goal of the channel was to provide support to existing and prospective investors alike, but conversations throughout the day varied greatly. From explaining how to buy the FEG Token and the benefits of staking on the FEGexchange, to news and updates on the crypto space. Occasionally, the conversation morphed into what FEG Island should look like, and other times the topic of discussion swayed all the way to the complexities of quantum physics or the mathematical correlations between ancient Incan structures and the cosmos.

“as the feg community continued to grow and new projects began to list on the feg exchange, a need emerged for another communication medium.”

While the number of visitors to the FEG Token chat varied just as much as the topic of conversation, a collection of two dozen volunteer voice moderators brought information, education and entertainment to anyone who listened. Sometimes the voice chat had fifteen listeners, most of whom were presumably asleep or just listening in the background; other times, such as during the launch of the much-anticipated ROX Token, over three thousand excited token holders would join in. Regardless of the workload, however, moderators were consistently dedicated to the goal of bringing unbiased and informative conversation to the FEG community.

As the FEG community continued to grow and new projects began to list on the FEG exchange, a need emerged for another communication medium. Dozens of project developers and team leaders began expressing their interest in speaking directly with the FEG community. As a decentralized exchange, it was important to remain unbiased and not support any one project over another. Yet, we realized that we could develop a platform that would connect our community members with quality projects. This would benefit not only the projects listing on FEGexchange and the investors buying into those projects, but the investors in the FEG Token as well.

FEGradio was born out of this opportunity. The first broadcast occurred on Thursday, October 7th, 2021 at 10 pm UTC. The very first episode included professional crypto market technical analysis, and a discussion on the FEG ecosystem and several upcoming features. In the second half of the broadcast, we sat down with one of the hosts of the Audacity of Veracity podcast and spoke in-depth about government regulation in the crypto space. The excitement for the new FEGradio show was realized immediately, as we saw over 130 listeners on the FEG Token’s Telegram chat group and another 30 listeners on A podcast version was uploaded shortly after the broadcast and, within only a few days had reached nearly four hundred downloads. Subscribers to the podcast began flooding in as the FEGradio program was pushed to ten different podcasting platforms, including Spotify, Amazon Music, and Stitcher. Feedback poured in from the community—many community members explained that the show was a “breath of fresh air,” while others provided outstanding ideas for improvement and additional content for the broadcast schedule.

But the idea of FEGradio and the power of the FEG community’s influence didn’t happen in a vacuum. Simultaneously to the development of the FEGradio program, another platform was growing rapidly. The Blue Couch originally began in April 2021, and quickly adopted a “raw and uncut” approach to their live podcasts. What quickly made the Blue Couch different than any other similar broadcast was their ability to get project teams to relax and share more than just tokenomics, future development plans and price predictions. The hosts of the platform, @cryptolegend51 and @datcrptob began inviting guests on their program to join in with a glass of bourbon and a cigar, bringing a relaxed atmosphere and open dialog that was unparalleled. After a light-hearted and exciting start to each episode, the hosts did not shy away–instead, diving deep and getting the guests to truly open up. The Blue Couch was truly successful at bringing listeners an organic and comprehensive insight into their guests’ projects, while creating smiles and bringing on laughter.

Between the Blue Couch and the FEGradioLive! Broadcast, the FEG ecosystem is continuously building, changing and innovating. The importance of information, education and entertainment cannot be overstated, and for that reason, the partnership between the Blue Couch and FEGradio aims to bring community members, investors and projects into the same conversation. As DeFi rapidly grows, groundbreaking projects are created, and new investors enter the space, it is increasingly vital that investors are given the information needed to make sound decisions. It is equally important that projects have an opportunity to share their dreams, and to speak with the community members who can turn dreams into reality. Finally, the DeFi space deserves high quality, fun and exciting entertainment—and the Blue Couch and FEGradio programs are pioneering that dream!

Bringing DeFi Together.

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