Collecting dust on your cryptocurrency? Earn more with fWrap on FEGex.

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It does not matter if you are a new investor walking the first steps in the crypto-world or a seasoned trader who knows how to short Bitcoin. A search of methods for how to maximize profits begins as soon as you invest hard-earned cash in your first stash of Cardano ($ADA), Ethereum ($ETH), or Binance Smart Chain ($BNB). What if I told you that there is something like a high-interest savings account that exists in crypto? This is exactly what fWrap does on FEGex, the cross-chain decentralized crypto exchange.

How does fWrap work?

Each transaction on FEGex or in Smart-Defi goes through fWrap whenever someone buys or sells their crypto. The conversion fee of 1% is taken and gets to be distributed to the holders of the same fWrap cryptocurrency. Yes, you heard it right – you earn from each transaction with that crypto on the exchange! A simplified process can be shown as:

Wrapping: Crypto + 1.00% fee→ fCrypto

Unwrapping: fCrypto + 1.00% fee → Crypto

Wait, how do I know how much my fWrapped crypto is worth? Very simple conversion – it is 1 to 1 with fwrapped crypto. For example, 1 fETH is worth 1ETH or 1 fBNB is 1BNB. Can you guess the value of 1 fXRP? – Yes, it is valued as 1 XRP, you guessed correctly!

How much can I earn?

The interest in the fWrap depends on both the volume of transactions and the share of your fWrap crypto among all holders of the same fWrap. For example, if your share of the fWrap Rewards Pool is 0.1%, each $1,000,000 accumulated from transactions will provide you with $1,000 profits. Not bad, hey? What if I tell you that the fWrap Rewards compound over time just like your money in a bank? 

As time goes on and fWrapped crypto accumulates more and more rewards – your profits experience a compounding effect. Let’s consider an example of holding $1,000 in ETH vs  fWraping same $1,000 worth of ETH and accumulating 1% interest monthly from transactions on FEGex

Table 1. Example of earnings on $1,000 in crypto with and without fWrap over five years

Without fWrapWith fWrap
Initial investment$1,0001000
End of Year 1$1,000$1,127
End of Year 2$1,000$1,270
End of Year 3$1,000$1,431
End of Year 4$1,000$1,612
End of Year 5$1,000$1,817

According to the example in Table 1, we can see that compounding with fWrap can bring you over 180% more on that $1,000 you decided to invest in cryptocurrency. That is almost two times more than you expected! Hold on, what about gains you achieve when investing in cryptocurrency? Let’s consider three examples of what is going to happen with the cryptocurrency you invested in with or without fWrap over the period of five years (see Table 2.)

Table 2. Gains on cryptocurrency with or without fWrap over 5 years

Without fWrapWith fWrap
If 2x in 5 years$2,000$3,633.39
If 5x in 5 years$5,000$9,083.48
If 10x in 5 years$10,000$18,166.97

On the one hand, the initial investment of $1,000 can potentially make you up to $10,000 if you chose wisely and invested in cryptocurrency with 10 times the growth potential. On the other hand, with fWrap on FEGex you can almost double your profits to $18,166 because of fWrap rewards with a monthly return rate of 1%. Additionally, if it happens that your investment experiences a reduction in value over five years, having fwrap rewards allows you to offset those losses!

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