Before You Sell


In the cryptocurrency market, price fluctuation is no joke. As of 9/25/2021, Bitcoin’s price change has been around plus/minus $14,633.94. When you are invested in any cryptocurrency, you will experience this too. 

The evolution of crypto has taken quite an interesting turn. Inexperienced investors are more interested in the next 10x, 100x, 1000x, etc., rather than the actual utility that is provided. As a FEG Token investor, you are not dealing with just 10x, 100x, or 1000x. Rather, you should be more intrigued by the passive income the FEG Token ecosystem provides. 

“be more intrigued by the passive income the FEG Token ecosystem provides.”

FEG Token’s staking, Smart-Defi, Smart-Lend, and exchange are a never-before-seen technology. Your staking rewards automatically compound without having the claim the rewards. The asset-backing with any Smart-Defi cryptocurrency listed on ensures there is absolutely zero chance of a rug-pull. 

You are investing in the future of cryptocurrency. This is not a pump-and-dump. If you are currently at a loss, remember the reflections of Feg lower your dollar-cost-average, and you are also extremely early on the project. While you are waiting on the newest updates, remember FegRox has never disappointed in his promise to deliver.

Smart DeFi is a template for a new generation of DeFi projects, which makes it impossible to rug and unnecessary to use exchanges, such as Uniswap or PancakeSwap, for hosting liquidity. It allows all swap sites to fully integrate the trading of a token while using the token’s liquidity pool. Anyone can deploy their own SmartDeFi token with FEGdeployer.

Since all SmartDeFi tokens are based on fWrap technology, their market price even rises when there is zero (0) volume. SmartDeFi “DeFi” the laws of physics! When any tokens are sold, the baseline value goes up instead of down. SmartDeFi also helps to eliminate pump-and-dump schemes. With the baseline value being transparent, buyers know what the risk ratios are even before trading.

Every SmartDeFi token is fully backed by its base asset, guaranteeing the tokens’ baseline value is secured from suffering loss. Base assets are what assets the tokens are traded against. A set percentage of every buy/sell is given to the asset-backing pool which is secured inside the SmartDeFi tokens’ smart contract. This results in a perpetual increase of the SmartDeFi tokens’ baseline value, resulting in the formation of a baseline value that can never decrease. (Seriously!).

Resources: FEGwhitepaper

Author: Drake (Telegram handle: @DrizzyDrakeRogers)