Save the Dates: Late June 2021

Exciting things coming in the next few weeks that increase the already great utility of FEG Token:

  1. SmartSwap will be a swing trader’s paradise! You’ll be able to trade without a 2% tax on FEG and a 1% tax on fBNB/fETH. SmartSwap also reduces gas fees on trades down to record low levels.
  2. Auto-listing of tokens on FEGex will be coming! This allows you to set up your own trading pairs and liquidity pools. The more pairs there are, the more trading volume. What does this also mean? More FEG staking rewards!
  3. Single-step transacting of FEG on FEGex means you can swap straight from BNB or ETH into FEG via fBNB or fETH, respectively; however, there will be no need to perform the intermediary step – it will be done for you… automatically!
  4. fWraps are incorporated into the FEGex user interface (UI), so more traffic will come to FEGex without the need to direct investors to
  5. Coming soon, also… SmartDeFi! Stay tuned.

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